How are the online classes conducted?

The online classes are hosted by the teacher using some kind of a Video Conferencing software like Zoom, GoToMeeting and the students are invited to join the meeting using an URL provided by the teacher. Both audio and video transmission is possible using this medium. However, depending on the quality of the connection, the bandwidth and the peak traffic time some temporary disruptions may be encountered from time to time

What is the duration of the classes and the course structure?

The classes are an hour long and it will involve material related to the various aspects of the instrument that the student is learning. A typical class usually has technical studies, sight reading, ear training, dictation and learning to play a song. However it may have some specific things that the student might want to learn like composition, songwriting, etc.

Are there make-up classes available for the missed sessions?

If the student or teacher misses the class for any particular reason, make-up classes can be arranged upon mutual agreement on a suitable date and time

What is the fees structure for the classes?

The fees structure would vary according to the kind of module that you are registering for. There are classes available for one-to-one and group sessions. One could choose to do just a single class or a number of classes during an interval of time. Please write to us with your requirements and we will get back to you with an appropriate fees structure and the payment methods

What is the process of producing an original tune?

The entire process of producing an original tune is detailed as below

  • The artist comes up with a song usually a complete structure with melodies and lyrics
  • The artist records a draft version of the tune and sends it to our team
  • Our team of arrangers would listen to the tune and arrange it in the timeline of a recording software and set to to a pre-determined tempo. The arranger would then send the file to the artist for feedback
  • Once the song arrangement and the harmonic structure is finalized the arranger would then make certain recording notes for each instrument and send it across to the musicians to record their parts whow would generally provide 3-4 different variations for the artists to choose from
  • Once the music recording is complete, the mixing and mastering engineer would prepare a rough mix for the artist to lend his/her fair vocal/solo instrument parts in a professional studio
  • The artist records his/her part in a professional studio and sends across the files to the mixing and mastering engineer
  • The mixing and mastering engineer would then prepare the final mixedown of the songs with specific inputs from the artist
  • The song will then be mastered and produced to be released as a single/album

How long does it take to record an original tune?

Well, it differs from project to project but usually it takes 3-4 weeks for the entire process to play out

How many revisions are allowed in the course of creating the song?

We usually accommodate 2-3 revisions at every stage of the creation process. If you require revisions beyond that, we would usually charge you a small fee

What is the fees for producing a song/album?

The fees for producing a song or an album depends entirely on the tune. The factors that determine this are the complexity of the tune, the number of instruments involved, if there is any priority based delivery associated with the tune. The charges would also vary for singles and an entire album. Please write to us with your requirements and we will get back to you with specific details

I have a tune in mind but I dont play an instrument. Can I still record a song?

Absolutely! You just need to send us a scratch of your song, recorded on any common device like a phone, or a laptop and we will craft out the song for you

What if I dont like the output of the recording?

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get the same expression that the artist is seeking at the first attemp. That is the reason we have the facility of you reviewing your work and giving us inputs on the necessary changes that you would like to make for the songs. We assure you that unless you are completely satisfied with the output we will not let it go!