Music Education
FindMyMuse offers you the possiblity of studying your instrument in depth with teachers who are themselves rooted in the pedagogy of life long study of their respective instruments. The credentials of the teachers range from industry veterans with solid professional experience to musicians who are alumnis of some of the best music schools in the world. The classes are offered through online sessions at the comfort of the students’ own premises. The course curriculm covered in such classes is aligned to the needs of the modern professional music industry and is similar what would be taught at an elite music school.
Music Composition & Production
FindMyMuse helps aspiring artists and songwriters to work with talented session musicians spread across the world to bring their music to life. The services offered under this range from Music Composition, Songwriting, Music Production, Recording Singles/Album. We can take up solo or group projects. All such projects are executed through the exchange of files, ideas and notes and all communication in this regard is done via e-mail, and other audio and video conferencing applications. Please check out our Body Of Work page to understand that quality of production that we aim at for these recordings.
Musicians Profile