“It was great to find a mentor like Arnab for my daughter. She was looking for someone who would not only provide voice lessons, but take her to the next level by supporting her ambition to record and release her own voice and music. In Arnab, we have found that unique combination. Even though we are on the opposite sides of the planet, Arnab’s ability to leverage the online channel ensured we can avail his services sitting in New York!”
Shantanu Sengupta, New Jersey
“Learning vocals under Arnab was a turning point for my daughter, Shruthi’s musical journey. She had learnt the breathing techniques under his training, and it had helped her open up her voice and sing clearly and confidently . His voice training exercises increased her range as well as strengthened her voice. Arnab had always insisted on composing one’s own song to have the emotion fully captured . He had motivated a group of kids (The Euphonies) to come up with their own album, and had given end to end support emotionally and technically and driven them till the end to come up with an album of soulfull songs of their own. Arnab and his team from Boston had done an amazing work for the background score, co-ordination, and mixing in a timely manner. It was one amazing journing for the Euphonies – who came together under the sole guidance and mentorship of Arnab”
Latha Rao, Bangalore
“Arnab is one of the most dedicated and committed person that I have ever met. He is an excellent musician. a great person, beaming with positivity, and creativity and always wants to do more in the realm of music. He doesn’t believe in structure which gives lot of edge to his students to learn and perform what they want. Students have the liberty to think differently and express their views about the various kinds of music that they listen and learn. All students swear by the name of Arnab Sengupta because he has been a very inspiring coach and musician. The student-teacher relationship is very easy going and they feel extremely comfortable to relate with him. He is able to identify the student’s potential and channelise them accordingly. I feel blessed that I have know Arnab for good 5 years now and even more blessed that my daughter is undergoing her vocal classes from Arnab for last 5 years now. Arnab played a major role in building up the confidence of my daughter and was instrumental in putting her original composition together along with 5 other students who were trained under the mentorship of Arnab, which resulted in an album “Genesis”
Roushnee Sur, Bangalore